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For a vast majority of adolescents, traditional one-on-one talk therapy is often met with refusal, distrust, and sometimes even complete silence.

Take those same young people and put them in a group of peers who are sharing stories of their own struggles, and he or she becomes much more willing to open up.

Why is it easier for tweens and teens to open up in a group setting rather than in one-on-one therapy? It's because adolescence is the stage of development where connecting with each other and wanting to belong becomes a priority.

Therapeutic groups get tweens and teens to not only open up about their problems, they also help participants develop a strong support system that often turn into lasting friendships.

Groups also help adolescents learn ways of improving their social skills and develop effective coping skills that they learn from each other and from the group's leaders.

For more information, check out our brochure below to for an overview of the current groups we offer!


If you have a daughter in middle school or early high school who is having trouble managing friendships, social media, school, and all that comes with it, then this is the group is for her! 

Now more than ever, girls in 6th-10th grade are experiencing overwhelming pressure to fit in and be accepted by their peers, both in real life and on social media. With this pressure comes feelings of low self-worth, anxiety, perfectionism, and depression.


Do you want to know what your teenage daughter is doing on her phone for hours and hours a day?

  • She is fixating on how many "likes" she is getting versus the "other girls".

  • She is desperately trying to post the "perfect selfie" so that others will validate her self-worth.

  • She is scrolling through instagram and telling herself that she is "flawed", "less than", "invisible", and "undeserving".

  • She is secretly wondering if she should compromise her values in order to "be noticed", "feel special", and "be LIKED".

  • She is judging, criticizing, doubting, and devaluing everything that makes her..."HER".

  • Does this hit too close to home? If it does, then I'm here to tell you that you are not alone. Our teenage daughters are under incredible pressure to "be LIKED".


Is your son doing his best just to survive middle school or high school?

Is he forgetting to bring home assignments? Does he struggle to maintain friendships? Does his whole world seem to revolve around his phone and video games? Is he moody, angry, or withdrawn? 

If this describes your son, then our GROUPCHAT Guys Therapy Group is where he needs to be!